A Brief Sexual History Of The Avengers

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Avengers looking up

Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner recently got into a little hot water for joking about Black Widow’s sex life. But it raises a good question: Who, precisely, gets around the most in the Avengers? Let’s go to the comics and take it Avenger by Avenger, shall we?

Captain America


Cap doesn’t actually have that much of a romantic history, which is strange for a blonde, blue-eyed man with a perfect physique. Needless to say, this has raised a few questions about Cap’s sexuality, something even Marvelhas made a little fun of.

By and large, though, Cap’s been a one-woman kind of guy. Back in the ’40s, he was with Betsy Ross… yes, we know, this is a comic book that debuted with Cap punching Hitler’s lights out on the cover, subtlety is not the name of the game here. In modern comics, though, he’s largely been…

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