Andrew Dice Clay Semi-Autobiographical Comedy Gets Showtime Series Order

As one of the seminal comedians of the mid 1980’s to well into the mid 90’s with a crisp and even piercingly truthful view of capitalist males doing what they do. Some may state this as sexism, domination, or just plain rude, to you I’d have to say that you should just forget about it. In my humblist of opinions; He is in the company of greats as Eddie Murphy ( ), Rodney Dangerfield ( ) , and Richard Pryor ( ) to Sam Kinison ( Good luck ‘Dice Man’ on your Semi-Autobiographical series. I already know what his response would be like:Phfttt. Fuck you Johnson. Who the fuck are you ta wish me luck. Fuckin zippah head. Is it humor, blattent vulgarity, or clever branding of a comedic mastermind. You tell me.

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Peace to you and yours.

Ralph Johnson


In a competitive situation, Showtime has landed Dice, a single-camera scripted comedy starring controversial actor-comedian Andrew Dice Clay, with a six-episode straight-to-series order.

scotarmstrongCreated and written by Scot Armstrong (Old SchoolThe Hangover Part II), Dice, from Fox 21 TV Studios, chronicles “the semi-true stories of Andrew Dice Clay, one of the most polarizing men on the planet.” It follows the comedian as he works in Las Vegas to resurrect his career while supporting his family. And his girlfriend. And his ex-fiancée. And his ex-wife. And his mother-in-law. And his son’s band. Sean Furst, Bryan Furst, Richard Shepard, Bruce Rubenstein, Clay and Armstrong serve as executive producers. Production is slated to begin this year for a 2016 premiere.

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“We realized there was a lot of humor and heart in the story of a once-superstar comedian having to crawl back to have a career — a true second…

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