The VERY near Future for me and writing

It has been too long since I put anything down here. The NEW Jericho will be out in time for Halloween, so stay tuned friend and followers. I have renewed interest in culinary with an focus on baking and cake decorating. I have to get a small remodeling of my kitchen and I could be well on my way with that project. I would like to expand my writing at the same pace as my fledgling baking project gets underway. Other than those little tidbits been tightly focused on my ‘real world’ bun producer (I would say bread-winner, if i could afford a loaf of bread -lol) so much that was doing fine but have lost my focus and came quite close to losing my employment. Now is the time for the multitasking that was put away to come out. I will receive some help from a few but i will have to ask others as they will need some convincing and proof of my ability to produce high quality desserts and award myself the time to write. I have not been taking care of myself and have let some things go. Stay tuned Jericho is just around the corner. So; be afraid.;) Happy to see you all again.


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