This started out as a talk about RFID, and then….

Well; as for, RFID the history isn’t too old. It’s more like 1935 old, the roots of radio frequency identification technology can be traced back to World War II. The Germans, Japanese, Americans and British were all using radar—which had been discovered in 1935 by Scottish physicist Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt – See more at: and then it was used in Russian espionage tool. so the tech has been slowly moving into us for some time. getting smaller and more user friendly (for lack of a better term) since 1973. This system was commercialized in the mid-1980s when the Los Alamos scientists who worked on the project left to form a company to develop automated toll payment systems. These systems have become widely used on roads, bridges and tunnels around the world (northeast coastal americans – can you say – easy pass). as for recent history, Between 1999 and 2003, the Auto-ID Center gained the support of more than 100 large end-user companies, plus the U.S. Department of Defense and many key RFID vendors. It opened research labs in Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan and China. It developed two air interface protocols (Class 1 and Class 0), the Electronic Product Code (EPC) numbering scheme, and a network architecture for looking up data associated on an RFID tag on the Internet. And Albertsons, Metro, Target, Tesco, Wal-Mart—and the U.S. Department of Defense have said they plan to use EPC technology to track goods in their supply chain. The pharmaceutical, tire, defense and other industries are also moving to adopt the technology. EPCglobal ratified a second-generation standard in December 2004, paving the way for broad adoption. in closing I would like to address blame; if I may be so bold. the blame is not this president, his staff, or even any before him (and I do have evidence of bush and those b4 obama); and the blame is not theirs. They are doing what this ‘type’ of person would do; if given the keys for a new car. They are running it dry. Nope the blame isnt theirs. It is my view that it decidedly the individual self for allowing these now considered, ‘everyday events’ that have come to pass. Even better, this is now consider ‘the norm’,to be callously tossed about in general conversations, as if it were truly ‘normal.’ No sir; its not the spoiled brats in the wrong It is ‘us,’ the American people for allowing the high-jacking of this nation. WE, allowed the adopted concepts of slavery. WE, allowed the ‘legal theft’ (ask the native population) of two thirds of a continent and the acquisition of many areas. WE, allowed& legal manipulation of its populace in the areas of human experimentation, massive mental ‘mis’ and ‘re’ direction, and the utter degradation of our collective environment. Yet; its Obama or the Kermlin or my recent favorite: Al` Qaeda; when it is always going to be us unless we actively and collectively get up off our asses and assert our changes. Those guys are going to do ‘what’ they do if we don’t walk up to them (every last one of us)and DEMAND, CRY OUT, & AFFECT real change for the course of ALL humanity. I have accepted this is the way it will be until this glorious day when we are all truly so feed up w/ this constant turmoil of work, buy, consume, die only to have finally realized that there is more to what is considered, normal. I’m living for just that day. I know I will see it. It may be next year or by the time I’m 100 (woo hoo I got 50 years ta go – lol) but i’ll see it. But until I do; I’ll be here to document this future paved in the broken bodies, and shattered dreams being held together with the souls of the damned. And this will all come to pass. Just as there still exists the specter’s of bigotry, and separatism saturating this countries core belief concepts of freedom, justice, and liberty. Yet; there is the always universal irrationality of hope. I for some reason unknown to me still see the cup as half full. And with 6.974 BILLION, strong, intelligent, compassionate and willing, people in on this planet, all clambering and clawing for just a shred of human decency it will happen. I just hope I’m alive to see it.


One response to “This started out as a talk about RFID, and then….

  1. I the past week I recently attempted to purchase something online. Knowing that I may not even get to buy the item (due to insufficient funds – hahaha), I gave it a go anyway. When the word flashed , that I could not purchase the item, it had a ‘different’ error message that I had never seen before on any denial of services fund until now. It listed my denial as a ‘REFID’ number which effectively ended all of my (although limited) ‘purchasing’ power. REFID. Hmm. FAScinating.

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