1.  Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.     a. black person.        b.  a member of any dark-skinned people.

2.  Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of ‘ANY‘ race or origin ‘regarded as’ contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

3.  a ‘victim’ of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.

So now that we know its definition; lets talk about this. As many are afraid to discuss this ‘black-mark’ on a word that is used in the same context globally we fail to recognize that it is our own fault. There are many out there that say we should ban this word. to which I say: where will this end, MR. or MRS Orwell? If we start with the ‘banning’ of this word, were will it end? The context in which ‘certain’ words are used is at the heart of the discussion here.

In this world of ‘HD’ everything, stereotypes are brought into crystal clarity, with all the hues and variations of language that have taken to using this second most ugly of words (the first word being ‘hate’). Now; this nation (along with many others) wishes very hard, to take the misguided actions of the past and command it to stay in its place, but, much like a poorly trained dog, it just will not stay. So; everyone walks through there days in the belief that, ‘these are the things of the past’, when in fact they have never truly been dealt with.

The usage of ANY word can be taken ‘out’ of context if there is ample amounts of emotional flux that goes with it. Now; upon reading the transcript(of the Paula Deen fiasco) & going by what was stated, I would’ve been more apt to deal with the brother of Deen than her. And as racism is at the heart of this discussion I find it just as rude that he said things and saw not so highly pursued. But; no the less, she was the one with the monetary backing in which a lawyer would’ve no choice but to go after, as she had the means of obtaining financial restitution in this case. So; in typical American litigious fashion, that was where they went.

As for the use of this word being callously flung about by non-whites (i do so abhor the separation of a single race in the vastness of the one true race – humanity, but) it is mainly due to taking a ‘negativism’ and trying to make it into a positive. in the 70’s, it was more common to have each other say my brotha this or my brotha that; but (as i see it) we are all being lumped into this ‘homogenization’ process of becoming an ‘global’ society and yet, we still carry the battle scars of a nation that hasn’t fully come together with ANY of the cultures that have been ravaged by the ‘Americanization‘ process. Just ask the Native peoples of this land, or the Japanese internment victims, the list goes on well into the recent historical events of hurricane Katrina and the disenfranchised working poor and homeless of America. This being the case with large gaps between the rich and poor; the separation of peoples have become so common that many who do not have anything left in this nation view themselves as (for lack of a better term) “Niggas”. And that brings me back to my opening statement which is the definition of the word NIGGER.

As it is used in a way that it suits many of the people of this planet, regardless of your location, socio-religious background, etc..                 It unequivocally means: A ‘victim‘ of prejudice (YOU) ‘similar’ to that suffered by blacks or ‘any’ person who is ‘economically,’ ‘politically,’ or ‘socially’ disenfranchised. And in closing; what is truly at the heart of this, is that fact that unless you are a part of the wealthy 1% of the world, we are all someone’s Nigger.

I rest my case

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