Language and words again

This DOMA crap has given me more ammo than I can believe with those that wish to maintain a division of the masses. Check out what I’m trying to say ok. This falls into the whole ‘N’ word post earlier. So; here goes:

we are back at the usage of words? Again? Marriage:
noun  1. a legally, religiously, or socially sanctioned union of persons who commit to one another, forming a familial and economic bond: Anthropologists say that some TYPE of marriage has been found in every society, past and present. It doesn’t get descriptive on gender until the ‘Legality’ of marriage comes into play; and hence the problem. If the legality of ‘term’ marriage is flawed and skewed by the current definition of ‘marriage’ (which was apparently introduced as between a man and a woman for purely legal reasons) then legally it was introduced as a way to maintain a separation of a man and woman. Hence; if two people of the same sex desired to obtain legal marriage rights they would have to go through the same routes. Now; as for the legality of these types of unions seemingly to be ‘legally’ or ‘morally’ in question for some, why is the happiness and commonality of this ‘word’ that brings together love and peacefulness between 2 people that have these desires in common with you and I, why is it being absconded in a way that it needs to be ‘redefined? I guess I should redefine African-American & Black folks to jigs and spooks; just to go back to the ‘roots’ as it were.  not being snippy; just getting itno the words that have been created (by the so-called majority that developed the ENGLISH language.

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