Five more that I didnt even know

I would like to thank those 5 likes that I recently received. It would seem as though I am not fully aware of what has happened since starting these entries, but it would seem as though this is becoming a part of a bigger picture that I never even seen in the gallery of my life. I never even dreamt of anyone especially someone I have not met to like anything I have to say on any topic, and seeing that I have such a wide array of topical knowledge and insights, I could be viewed as an opposing character to the norms of social drudgery.

With that being said. I hope that you all will follow me on this VERY different journey wide an open mind and an accepting heart as I travel amid the refuse of my mind to bring many characters, worlds and experiences that have sat stagnant in jobs that I have never had a desire to been well suited to give my full efforts. But at least, here on WordPress, I can finally express the hidden ‘ME’ without being so socially shy.

Thanks again for reading.
Oh yeah. I have more ‘Jericho’s Place” coming in the future, so stay tuned.


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