The Game

Has any one of us (who are activists, pro or anti anything, etc…) ever stop to consider that the chess board that we are playing on was developed by the powers that we are fighting against? And furthermore; would it not be logical to assume that the implementation of their goals would include the manipulation of public opinion through the social media as well? making little adjustments to their agendas all within the boundaries of their ‘agenda’.We may get upset, march, and awaken others, but it would seem as though even this is already part of their equation. This is a stratagem that goes beyond what grassroots or even guerilla tactics and is so insidious that time has always been on their side. Looking at the ‘globalization’ of things, devolution of patriotism, the rise of democracy for the ‘newly’ free, and the incarceration of those struggling to maintain ‘falsely perceived’ freedom, only means (to me) that this is all a part of the game. And as we are all ‘pieces’ that have been ‘put’ in play only means that the ‘game developers’ have already factored in this equation. Our only recourse at this stage of ‘The Game’ (if we are truly determined to have something change) is to knock the board over and start again. It may sound childish but it is all that we have left to do. world hunger & disease has not been dealt with in any reasonable manner, the pollution and environmental issues have gotten out of control, the current systems of political and corporate manipulation of the masses is rife with corruption, coercion, and deception, all while money and financial gain reign supreme and everyone’s, EVERYONES main goal is to obtain more currency in order to do the things they ‘need’ to do. Which is to keep running on the rat wheel, searching for a finish line that will always end with an under desired and unrated death all for the financial gain of someone you will never meet that has had a grip on your existence since before you physically joined their game. Whether you believe yourself to be a player our a pawn, it is a game that neither could hope to win as it is a game that we have already lost.

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