This is an Op Ed on Breastfeeding

I will never understand the need to be publically ‘ashamed’ of this natural act. It is the instilled rejection of the natural order to promote the sale of an unnatural and foreign ‘formula’ into the human body that leads to the irregular and unnatural eating behaviors and possible dietary disorders with the future development of the children in question, and the dismantling of the family unit. But; what lies at the core of this ‘debate’ of this ‘natural act’ is that it ‘may’ create or ‘may’ even fortify deviant behavior of those ‘witnessing’ the act. It is this ‘supposed’ unknown variable laying is at the core of the issue.All of my/our children were breastfed at home and when in public. And to this day we are advocates of breastfeeding. Those that wish to take the chance of formulas and such, are placing the future of humanity on a course of devolution or at least a steady slide into the declination and rejection of normal human social growth and then must learn to live with a stunted moral view of the human body which could lead to deviant or abhorrent outlooks on sexual conduct.
But; for governing bodies that cannot even govern their own behaviors and acts, to intervene, by trying to legislate this act; this ‘necessary bonding of a mother, child, and family,’ is nothing more than an extension of controlling a woman’s body’ and also ‘injecting governance’ over their property we like to call ‘the family unit.’ These actions are wrong and are on the opposing views to the freedoms and liberties that were (at one time) the core ‘pursuance of our happiness.’ These matters of a woman’s body, child rearing, and familial growth are truly free concepts of the human experience. And for another person, group, organization, or government to find them ‘offensive’ or ‘deviant’ is wrong, antisocial and inhumane. These acts against humanity have led me to surmise that; there is something wrong with ‘their'(those with the issue against breastfeeding) heads, and it is they must seek psychological assistance. And; as for those that find some problem with this, tough. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a ‘Mother’ feeding her child. What did humanity do that was so wrong that we must all place our futures lives in companies that we all know don’t give two shakes about us.
Our mother; The Earth, placed us here with everything we will ever need. She gave us the tools and abilities to be what we are and what we could become. So; women out there who have, are, or will be breastfeeding; just do it. Do it where ever or whenever you wish. Take the power away from those that would enslave us and your progeny. Stage feed in’s and marches, do whatever it takes to insure that the future of humanity is clean, clear, and devoid of as many problems as you can. Because in the end; this is where the real fight for the future of our race will truly begin.


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