Jericho’s Place

There is a glossary of Persian Terms (at the end of the story) that are used in the story that I have translated for you. Enjoy and happy reading.

Introduction of Jericho’s Place

Humanity; You have been through SO much. And you have evovled away from the ‘true path. You have walled this path away and with the growth of time and shadow, it has become clouded and obscured it from your view. So much so; that at times, it seems as though you can never get around or over this wall on your own. But here; at the beginning of the 21st century, you are a driven.

And by driven; I mean the automobile. The car has been made into an extension of humanity.  You are your vehicles doing so much, that it may just be the only way for you to drive away all of your problems. It is has even become the ‘out’ or escapist route of dealing with our emotionally, and the confrontationally immature. It has become emergency shelter for the socially scorned. No matter what; you seem to drive about with nary a care, as you aimlessly twist and wander the roadsides, rest stops, and diners.

As you amble around with a blind agenda to keep; you tend to drive yourselves ‘to’ or ‘from’ your problems. You drive yourselves and others in a myriad of directions with often an unknown destination and the reprecussions of doing so. And; now comes the time to be advised about being such a driven lot. Be advised that you must eventually have to come to stop. A rest here; and a snack there, and the inevitable bathroom break.

And when this time comes you will be granted access to the most extraordinary diner that you will ever see. It is filled with history, flavors, aromas, & experiences. So; when you have the need for a roadside assistance, or an inviting seat, a sip of coffee, or even a bathroom break; to think about what drives you, we’ll be here. Don’t look for us. We’ll find you and welcome you to:

Jericho’s Place

Segway to a man; between 24 and 32years old and he’s listening The Motely Crue’s Shout at the Devil Album:

“Been tryin ta track this fuckin place down for almost seven months, and I know that I’m just about ta give this wild goose chase up. Every fuckin trail has had its fair share of information and witnesses and I truly thought that I would follow it to deaths end. But then there is always this smell or in Persian it’s called: Ariha or fragrance. It’s a combination of cinnamon, sugar, lavender, hibiscus, ginger and garlic. This I had documented with case interviews and the 20 known stories, but at this time I just gonna call them urban myths. But of those that I have interviewed have had “experiences,” that have only been attributed with are seemingly coincidental. Some even seem to be reactionary due to an interaction with my pursuant.”

“There have been establishments that have come close to what appears to be this seemingly ‘legendary’ establishment. For instance; there was the café outside Elkhorn, AZ. And it resembles what the place I’m looking for, but it is a ploy, the owner said. ‘It’s a way to hopefully run into them again.’ Yeah. I didn’t understand what the guy meant either; but that’s just another reason I want to just go home. All the fuckin nuts I’ve had ta deal with doing this job. Here’s something else the guy in Elkhorn said: ‘I want my place to be a hopeful ‘attractant, to an inspirational meeting.’  But; lo and behold it was ‘NOT’ the correct establishment.”

Hey guys; its 4:15 am and all I want is some food, a bathroom and quiet. I gotta try and absorb another disappointing evening of nothin ta show except a growling stomach and “the wall of clouds or dust or whatever it is.” Oh; did mention that this “cloud” or wall of smoke and high wind at times; is also associated with my quarry. {yawns} Looks like I’m pullin in ta yet another in a long line of ‘no name’ diners. I’ll this one: “Flashin ‘J’s” cause the only letter getting a little power running through it is the big cursive neon letter ‘J’, and yes, it’s flashing. At least it smells good from outside. Alrighty then; I’m going in.  This is Ellis McCombs; Paranormal Investigator and apparent loser for not being able to find a fucking ghost restaurant/diner called: “Jericho’s Place & I’ll make my next video entry starting at my regular time of 6:35pm, of whatever time zone I’m located at the time. Hit me up on twitter or Facebook, and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow night. Pleasant Screams.


As Ellis turns camera out and walks into the poorly lit outside of the diner he is a bit stunned by the décor and well and well-lit diner; with classic motif red, black & Silver/white, with a hint of cultural. As he walks in; he is looking at the various multicultural antiques from around the world. Some even look to be actual ‘museum’ quality pieces. There is a long 12 person counter with a couple that appears to have been arguing. Ellis, thinking says, “Damn. I’d hate ta have to deal with a problem like that so fuckin late. It sucks to be you guys.” He continues his lumbering stroll to the end of the counter. His eyes look over the dessert shelf and notices that the kitchen entrance and then the bathroom.  And just as he started to make a bee line to relieve the pain pressure of his bladder, his walk is abruptly ended when a rough vocalizations of the server saying.

“You just gonna walk-in here, use my pisser and leave or are you gonna have a little food with that piss?’ She said. “Listen lady” Ellis blurted urgently made his way past the couple at the end of the counter, “I just wanted to piss and wash up before I ordered, if you ‘must’ know my routine, thank you very much. God!”  At the moment, he walked into the bathroom, in comes another more guy but seems agitated as he enters the diner and has a seat next to the entrance.

Everyone in the diner can hear the server say to the guy that had walked in: ‘Hey shugah. What can I get you?’ Ellis is busy and can’t hear much through the door as he’s anxious to use the facilities, whispers to himself, “all that soda went straight to the ole’ ‘bladder bank’. Don’t forget ta flush or ole dragon bitch other there may try ta set me on fire. Let me wash up and get on down the road. I don’t need this kinda shit ta night.” And just as he walks from the restroom a whole new kind of nightmare for him begins. And it starts with the server screaming, “NNNOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!”

BLAM-BLAM!!  The shots rang out and echoed off the walls throughout the encapsulated compartment as the flash of the muzzle came from the entrance, which directed Ellis’s complete attention onto the gunman. “Fuckin A,” fell from Ellis’s mouth, as quickly and easily as the couple theat were at the end of the counter. All he saw was a shaggy and shaded and apparently dirty figure of sorts, with no describable features. Now; with his mind seemingly moving in slow motion, his eyes had come to bare on the person who was shrieking in fear and pain. “These are the things no one should see,” Ellis thinks; as he tries to make sense of what has just happen. Screaming aloud to the gunman, “She didn’t deserve this you asshole!” And the server, on the ground; lay amidst the smoke and blood of the tiled floor. You could see that she was losing blood rapidly. It was the color of the floor tiles; but much more reflective in the diners high lighting.  She lay there; flopping about as if her legs were still trying to flee from the scene, and her knee length powder-blue serves dress with white trim was now blood soaked. The server; holding her saturated abdomen, was screaming for her life “JERRY!!’ {choke}A sanguineous odor starts to fill the room. With every cough she had, the soft tones of her face became coated in the viscous material. “EEeeLlaaannaaaa!!” erupts from the rear of the restaurant.

Suddenly; there was a rushing of air to the right of Ellis. It was the cook. He seemingly appears instantly directly in front of Ellis on the other side of the counter. Now with Ellis’s view now focused on the back of the cook. He notices the arguing couple again. They were curled-up on the floor, not far from his feet. Looking at the cook before him he saw that this was a very imposing figure. He stood 6 foot 3 or 5 comes out with an 18” French knife holding it up to defend his fallen teammate.

His gaze fully locked on the gunman, yet has the air about him that suggests that he seems to have instantly accessed the situation. Looking down at her the blood-spattered beauty; he smiles to her and says, “I told ya. You couldn’t see this one coming.” The cook, Jerry, has now reaffixed his gaze back upon the gunman. His eyes were not glare was not one of violence or even the look of enraged. Jerry’s stance was one of utter calm and certitude. The stance you would have if you ‘knew’ what had to transpire in the next few moments, if you wanted everything to have correctly without an incident. But it’s the next word that the imposing man uttered next, that sets about a new tone.

He says, “عشق” (*1). The server fights through the horrific pain, as she attempts to look Jerry in his face. “E’lan`ah,” he said with a thick Middle Eastern inflection, in the pronunciation of her name, “this was not to be your night my darling. Now look at you. You went a got red on your beautiful blue dress.” Jerry bends a knee down beside Elana and lightly whispers to the sanguine spattered woman, and proceeds to brushes the hair out of her eyes and says, “همانطور که خدایان زندگی ما را، پس باید من خودم را به شما.آنچه را که من به شما بدهد، به طوری که یک روز من باید آرامش استراحت آسمانی.” And suddenly; the hands of Jerry begin to glow.  He repeats the Persian phrase over and over. Ellis; still befuddled over what has transpired thus far, believes that he has understood one of the words that the cook spouted.  What sounds like the word for god, Allah or خدا (3), seemed to be a ‘plurization’ of god or بسياري از خدايان .

“Possibly it was ‘many gods,” Ellis thought to himself as our wayward investigator, now mentally drained and dismayed over the event. Jerry; with his glowing hands now inches away from Elana’s abdomen, places his hands directly on her injuries. There was then a blinding flash of light and Elana; thought to be dying, once again coughs up the acrid iron taste of bile and blood, and looks into Jerry’s eyes and says, “But; I love you & I couldn’t let you do this one alone. I believe you’re gonna have your hands full with this one. He’s full of piss and vinegar, {cough} this one is.’ Hahahhuhh ,{choke- cough}. I’m just gonna rest here for a while. Ok?” These seemed to be her last words as Elana passed into silence. This part seemed to be over. And it would seem as though some of the tension was alleviated, but it was just the beginning of this new morning. Looking at his watch, Ellis noticed that he has only been inside the restaurant for only 15 minutes and that it was only 4:30 am.

Laying Elana’s head gently to the floor, Jerry’s ability to change a situations outcome had become very apparent. The gunman; in awe of this situation, had simply pulled out his cell phone and started recording Jerry’s actions as though he was making a vlog of this incident. Jerry, now amazed at the arrogance and brash actions of the gunman, walks right up to the man and states in the soft and clear tone he used earlier, “Hello friend. Welcome to MY diner. You won’t ever need anything like this in here. Let me have this,” and reaches up for the gun. The man resists slightly, but as he stared back into Jerry’s compassionate glare he was compelled to comply.

Jerry’s hand lay on the still smoking desert eagle semi-automatic hand gun being held in the man’s right hand and with one fluid motion, takes the weapon away and throws it down the counter where it slides to its resting spot; directly in front of Ellis. The room seemingly gets brighter as Jerry joyously proclaims, “Now. As you are quite aware son; I had to intervene tonight to change the way things “would have been. And yes; this is all because of what I’ve seen inside you. I know what kind of greatness you are truly capable of.  You have reached the ‘fork in the road. And this is where we sit also. What you have done at the fork has decidedly and irrevocably changed the course of your true destiny.

The road that has been chosen by you is one full of uncertainty pain and fear. The path to that ‘greatness’ and massive opportunity was the ‘other’ road. And with all of your arrogance and hard work, relentless obsession, and over-zealous preoccupation of having to prove that you’re right. All of this and more has brought me to you this early morning. You’ve gone and made nothing into something, and this is the only solution you have, eh? Now; sit your ass in that seat and give me that phone, NOW!”

The gunman comes to rest in a booth and hands over his phone. And with almost no effort, Jerry crushes the tiny device. The gunman, very confused now, is uttering what seemed to be six words.  And this also sounds like Persian, yet older. This phase sent a chill throughout the entire room. And caused Ellis’s to shake to his soul. Our investigator seemed as though I was misinterpreting yet again what was being said again. The man seemed as though he was questioning the chef, when he said, “شما يكي از خدايان؟ (5)” It was in this instant that Jerry was being to look drained. And he seemed to urgently need to return to the kitchen, as though this incident had somehow left him depleted. Smiling; the cook of this strange evening looks directly into the man’s eyes and with the most assuring and piercing stare and says, “The answer to your question, sir is NO. Not even close to being and angel let alone one of them.”  Jerry take a second to sit next to the gunman. He huddles up right next to him and whispers in his left ear. “This one meal, and one meal only, is on the house. You WILL eat this meal as it is specifically for you. Compliments of the chef, which ‘IS’ me.”

Jerry’s gazing cut right through this shaken man like as a child looking into a mirror, wondering why you cannot see through onto the ‘otherworld’. The gunman was seemingly in a daze for what seemed a few seconds, as Jerry stood up and turned away from the man and puts that steely gaze on me and visually gestures to sit at a booth. I nod in acknowledgement as Jerry sits down yet again and puts his mouth very close to the man’s ear and says, “You seem like a burger man.” Jerry again rises back to his feet and moves to Elana’s side, picks her up and places her in one of the spacious and surprisingly comfortable booths and says one more thing to the man, “This burger should set you right br’a. And you there on the end down there,” Ellis looks up, “Yeah you there, Mister Speechless, what the hell do you want?’ Ellis who is sitting at one of the booths peering at the handgun that was tossed to the counter,  is now on his table. “How did this get here?” he asked himself. “ I guess I grabbed it to get it out of the reach of anyone.” “Come on man, oh never mind. I know what you need too.” The now very visibly tired cook barks at Ellis who is still staring at the weapon.

Trying not to sound nervous, Ellis responded trying not to look him in the eye, and like a prepubescent boy, his voice cracks and  clearing his throat says, “Uh, yeah. Yes sir. A burger sounds great also.” Jerry softly snickers as he strides slowly back into the kitchen and shouts aloud to the couple also that, “everything is on the house this morning. Courtesy of, yours truly and with that being said, help yourselves to anything. As you can see, your server is unable to assist you. If you need it get it. Got it. Good. And without hesitation, Ellis grabbed some whole milk and cola. Ellis looks at the still grounded couple who are staring at him with disapproval and says, “What?!”

“This couple that had been in the diner before arrived.” thought Ellis. They had remained crumbled into a heap on the floor, with the male covering his female friend in protection from possible gun fire. Ellis reached over to them after peering towards the gunman who was now sitting at the forth booth from the door of our little gathering place. His eye we’re fixed as he starred at the body of Elana. The raven haired beauty was still covered in the viscous brutality of her assault and the couple was still so taken aback be this exceptionally violent evening still had the fear of the unknown across their faces. Helping then to the booth in front of him, Ellis sat back down in his booth. The couples eyes were focus upon this evenings chaos bringer who is now seemingly impotent with remorse.

“Hey man.” said the man. “My name is Ralph and this is Sherry, my wife.” The air went cold, as if the icy touch of death was not the only pain to be felt on this early morning was not enough. Ralph’s wife Sherry cut in with the curt and stern reply, “Don’t you mean EX wife?” “I mean, that’s why you drug me out to this hell hole in the first place, right. I mean really. What better way to tell your wife that you have been unfaithful, than to bring her to an out of the way beat up ole diner. Oh – and if that wasn’t enough we’ll top it all off with an attempted robbery and fucking murder! That man down there shot that girl twice for no fucking reason. And now, now she’s got to be dead by now.” Sherry looking at Ralph also says, “That’s what you said when we are on the floor, didn’t you Ralph?” “Yes. Yes, I did say that. But what good could I have been if the man shot at me, huh? I mean, would a dead doctor be of any help to anyone or even if he’s bleeding out himself? Geez; Sherry will ya gimme a fuckin break ok!” The couple; give each other looks of immense disappointment of this situation and of their own. Then; from the kitchen erupts, “Knock it off you two. It’s time to eat.” Jerry says as he enters the dining area.

So seemingly overwhelming was the smell of the food that the word ‘intoxicating’ can only begin to describe what this master epicurean had prepared for us. It’s a feeling of; if a person could be satiated from aroma alone we all would surely be full. But apparently; time had seemingly past long enough for Jerry to make not just the two burgers, but also came out with five desserts and a chocolate shake. Having never seen such skill in a diner before Ellis’s sense we’re definitely in overload.

Jerry makes his way to the end of the counter and places a plate on the gunman’s table and walks away saying, “You should it this slowly because I want this experience to soak in and alleviate all of this ‘anxiousness’ you have inside. Once you can control your consumption the answers will become clearer.” He places a dessert on the table where Elana lay motionless and says calmly, “She’ll be hungry when she wakes up. And I she can’t resist my fudge cake a la mode.” He giggles walking over to the couple with their faces contorted with confusion about Jerry’s dessert for the apparently, dead server. He hands Sherry and Ralph their desserts and says, “We all make mistakes. His questioning of; if the passion he feels for you is still there will become apparent. He had a thought and never acted on it. just as you have had a fleeting thoughts in the past and questioning if your relationship is well also. Neither of you has acted on any impulses or any pulsations of any kind. He may have messaged this woman, but she is of his past and is nothing more than a friend. The choice to end something this beautiful and lasting shouldn’t be put to rest because of a ‘perceived’ fling. Your relationship is sound and will not end. NOT today or ever. Enjoy the pastry.”

Ralph and Sherry are given what looks like muffins or cupcakes, but they are conjoined.  As the two look at each other in response to what was said to them by the chef of the night, they both grab a cupcake and with a smile on their faces and tear it apart. Ellis looked was surprised when he saw between the couple a small flash of blue-white light coming from where the pastry was broken by the couple. Maybe due to Ellis’s proximity to the couple but he got to see a little of what the couple must have seen. Thinking to himself saying, “Maybe that I am hallucinating from the stress or hunger or both. But; I know that what I’m seeing are the visions of love, happiness and togetherness of the couple must have had. They were so happy and carefree. It feels like the kind of relationship you would have when you know that neither one of you would be willing to ever see come to an end, regardless of any possible tragedy or adversity. I see the home births of their children and their growth into adulthood and now grandchildren. I don’t believe what I am seeing.” Shaking his head as if he were trying to clear my mind, he sees Jerry up close and personal for the first time.

Still dazed from his look into another life, Ellis, still reeling from the look at the Sherry and Ralph’s pastry, Jerry waves his open hand in Ellis’s face saying, “Hey there. Mister Speechless. You going ta eat this thing or look at it all night.” Instinctively, Ellis looks Jerry in the eyes. Noticing that while the man himself; was strangely middle aged in appearance, his eyes were old. The kind of eyes; that have carried storied greatness.  The eyes that have witnessed; the weighted tragedies of humanity and have been humbled by the tides of time.

Smiling back at me, Jerry says, “This is what you’re looking for a burger with sharp cheddar cheese, ketchup, mustard, L, T, heavy sautéed onion, portabella mushrooms, crispy fries, and a chocolate milkshake. Enjoy” Talking to himself Ellis is amazed and says, “I don’t know how he did it or what he did in the kitchen but this is exactly what I needed.” He grins and digs right in. The gunman; at the other end of the diner; mulled over his plate, as if inspecting the plate for proper or improper ingredients or cooking procedures. Ellis was thinking that this behavior was a bit different and smirks, and saying to himself, “A killer giving up his handgun and subjecting himself to the whims of someone that could kill him with a tantalizing culinary delight that may be laced with a tasteless and odorless poison in retribution would be a proper ending for just an asshole.” Smiling and quickly taking his stare away from Ellis. Jerry now stares at what is now the fidgeting and yawning of a newly revived and alert Elana. The now happy couple; are shocked to see the girl arise, as they were unaware of the actions taken by Jerry, earlier in the evening. And as if the reanimated body of this dark haired beauty wasn’t weird enough. Her waking words were, “Hot fudge cake!! You are the best in the whole multiverse. Thanks Jerry. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. THANK YOU!”

And with that last bit of happiness, the once precocious and rough woman was reduced to a little girl before our very eyes. The once irritated Ralph and Sherry were perplexed and happy at the revival of the lifeless Elana. Ralph looked at his wife and says to her, “I believe her injuries were more superficial than I thought. The bullets must have passed through her, missing her vital organs. Just a big bloody mess was caused. Nothing more.” He said with confidence as he looks back to his wife. Sherry has a now has this big beaming smile and is pleases to see and hear that Elana was doing fine.

Jerry; who is now quite visibly, in a better frame of concern, saunters down to the booth where our night time assailant has been positioned. This man, who is now deep into his food, hands dirty from an obvious lack of cleanliness, is glaring back at our seemingly ‘magical’ cook, Jerry. As Jerry approaches the dark and still mysterious gunman, he stops and turns slightly and looks directly at me and says, “Eat your food before it gets cold. You still have a long journey and you’re going to need your energy,” and he gives a casual wink to Ellis, who still hasn’t taken one bite from his plate. “Relax; the stalwart chef states. “You’ll be just fine; really. Now enjoy the food man.” Taking a bite into this huge honkin burger, Ellis is overcome with some kind of visual montage of his own past, present, and what he can only come to hastened grips to be his future. These ‘future visions of himself seemed to have lead him to this evenings entire events.

Staring at the now clearly disheveled young man, with the eyes of someone that could see into you. The kind of investigative look you would give to an animal that was in need of a compassionate touch, to calm there nerves. This was the type of ‘looking’ Elana and Jerry we’re giving to Ellis. Elana, with her black tear soaked mascara running down her face from the macabre night, in a huge pixie-like grin with her huge onyx colored eyes agape, and is now very much alive, says; “Look at him Jerry. It looks like he’s almost found some clarity  or a hair in your cooking. Hey Mister,” She calls out, looking directly at the dismayed Ellis and says, “That musta been some piss you had earlier, eh? Hahahahahahaaa.” “Nom nom nommmm.” Is all anyone could here as she dives back into her large helping of fudge cake.

It was now that Sherry erupts and is beside herself with seemingly irrational emotional joy. Loudly proclaiming, “I was only acting as though I didn’t want to be with you anymore because all you had been doing for the past few years is work and never seemed to have the time to be with me. And it even seemed as though you had no interest in the things that they used to do.” And Ralph, taken to tears over this public statement, could only say, “I see all of that now. Things were only off due to the way I perceived our relationship. And now; from being on the outside looking in, I’d have to say it was a big miscommunication from both sides. Will you ever be able to forgive me my Sherry-Berry?” Yes, yes, yes,” the glowingly happy lady elated. The couple, now locked in the type of embrace that neither have had for each other in almost 15 years.

The now radiant and enamored couple; seem keenly visible to make a new start. Caught up in there emotion Big eyed Elana has a big cheesy chocolate coated grin upon her face. Ralph and Sherry seem ready to reignite the flames of the passion fire that had seemingly been in desperate need of fanning, are in such a field of joy the nights escapades seem to have melted away into a non-existent dream. The only thing on this couples mind was on how to spend the remainder of their lives- together. The two people that entered the diner, separate and divided, now stand as one and speak to visible happy Jerry and Elana. “We know that this has been an astonishingly wild, harrowing, deadly, and gratefully miraculous evening; but, well we were just wondering, sir and ma’am,” looking at Elana and Jerry, “would it be alright if we were on our way. It would seem as though, uh. Well, umm.” Jerry looking overjoyed at the couple. Smiles and says, “You two have a lot of ‘catching up’ to do? Right.” Grinning, the two turn red with embarrassment.  Elana then blurts aloud with a bright grinning smile on her face, “You guys are gonna go knock boots, huh. HA ha haaaa. MMmmmm. Any suggestions for this old salt here,” Pointing at Jerry; who is looking at Elana, giving her a humorous glare and shaking his head.

Jerry’s tells the couple, “Go on you two. And please, do not let this evenings events cause you any concern. Oh; and please take with you the passion and love of this establishment. Ooh, and remember we’re—.” as Elana jumps in and finishes the words for him, waving to the couple, “We’re always where YOU need us. Good Luuuuck!” Cheerfully embraced, and elated, the pair utter their ‘thanks’ as they exit this theater of unlikely events. Watching them leave, Jerry now looks over to the gunman, who is now finishing his food and says to him,

“Yep; now that’s how people should leave this place. Wailing in praise, and joyously hoping to find us again to recapture the happiness that can only be gleaned from the chance encounter of my diner. Tonight;” as Jerry sits down in a chair near the jukebox. He placed the heavy wooden chair at the end of the booths table and across from the man that made this otherwise ‘eventless’ evening, much more exciting, and continues on to say, “was not supposed to start out so dirty and full of rage. No sir; it most certainly was not. But; this situation is only one, of the multitude of outcomes that could have happened. You see my man,” leaning in toward the man, bringing himself ever closer to the pompous perpetrator, “The multiverse that I have lived in. Is a multiverse of ‘PURE’ potentiality and infinite possibilities. You see; as situations or events tend to unfold in the mind of a man or woman, the cosmos will make room, to accommodate these act of these thoughts.

Now; there are some people throughout history that have had the ability to peer into these rooms, through the cracks of the mind. Me; I’m a bit of a voyeur, a ‘peeping Tom’ of the human psyche. And by looking into the cracks and witnessing the outcome of situations for those that make it to this establishment. We’ll let’s just say that; I can give rise toward an ‘altered state’ of awareness, so that people won’t make the mistakes countless others have because we were unable to make it to them in time for them to encounter at this place.

Jerry goes on speaking as the now uninterested Ellis is deep into his food and is a little afraid as his has been unable to control the need to consume his food. With his burger mostly gone, a sliming Elana looks at him and smiles. “But; there are those darn people. The ones that I know need help but we just don’t make it all the time, and for that I am sorry,” Jerry laments. So; all I’m trying to let you know is that all we do here is help. We are only out here helping those that are in need of change. Letting the people of this world know, that if they have a need to wail and announce to the walls of existence that there are problems to which the heavens, and only the heavens can intervene and lend a hand.”

Now; more than half finished with his meal, Ellis has an uneasy feeling in his stomach, and then it happens again, the slipping away of the physical world as his mind is suddenly ripped open. But this time the visions are much more intense. So much more than the those he shared with Sherry and Ralph. These were more violent than the one he had earlier, and had him overcome with nauseating pain, a feeling of immense sorrow, and even self-loathing toward the gunman. Jumping to his feet, Ellis calls out, “Well everyone it’s time for me to hit the road also.” Holding his stomach with the look of vomitus pain, Elana appears directly in his face with at lightning speed and says, “NOT Just Yet, Mister Speechless.” “How did you do that?” “How could you’ve even known that?” Knowing that she was unconscious when Jerry called him this, put Ellis over the edge and then, “Hhuuurkkkaaaawwagh!!” Ellis releases the contents of his stomach onto the floor. “H-hh, how did she know that Jerry even called me Mister Speechless. You were unconscious. I saw everything that happened here tonight,” as Ellis nervously  attempts to speak. “Calm down now, and relax ok mister. Here have a drink of your milkshake, it might help calm you stomach,” Elana  hands him the drink.

Ellis now utterly confused as to his sickness tries to attribute it to passing in and out of consciousness, or the need to get some much needed rest. As he sits back down to have a swallow of his milkshake, he is racked by yet another ‘mind quake’ that caused him to vomit unexpectedly again. Making the observer of the events of this early morning drama, shout aloud in fear. “What’s happening to me?” Looking down at the contents expelled onto the floor he notices that it is not his burger. He had vomited blood. Then another wave of red hot gastric debris erupts forth. In the blood-mixed mess we’re two steel balls that had landed on the table in front of Ellis.

“Guess it takes a while longer than it used to.” Jerry said. “I must be losing my Ariha in the kitchen.” Elana stares at Ellis with the same stare that Jerry gave the gunman when he disarmed him, as if she can see into him but is trying to look past him and maybe beyond him at the same time. She asks Ellis a question as he languishes in the booth, violently lurching and convulsing amidst his own blood and bile. Her question was, “Do you think you could’ve handled this differently?” Looking up at her through his now tear covered face and blood stained mouth, he attempts to reply to her. With the acrid smell of vomit, and blood filling the mucus membranes of his nostrils once again, it was becoming clear that what had transpired just an hour and twenty minutes earlier was not over for the weary traveler.

Ellis reaches out toward Elana and calls out to Elana for help. She gives him the look a one gives a wounded animal, and smiles to Ellis saying, “It should be going ok as long as you’ve learned your lesson.”  “Lesson? What lesson?” Ellis thought as   brain was struggling to make sense of things seemingly that have become even more incoherent. “Jerry?” Ellis calls out to the chef, “Please man. You’ve, y-you, gotta help me man. P-please just fix me up like I saw you do for Elana please?  PLEASE!! That when Jerry interjects by saying, “But I am helping you. That’s why you came here in the first place wasn’t it? Out there for all those months trying to, ‘find that which cannot be found,’ or my favorite one was, ‘To look for something that can only be found when it’s in dire need.’ So. Mister Speechless, have you found what you were looking? WELL, Mister Speechless. DID YOU!! Ellis feeling as though he was trapped inside his own madness, jumps to his feet again to make another attempt at leaving. Jerry, now with a small grin upon his face, looks at the confused Ellis as he stumbles down the narrow path between the counter stools and booths, swaying as though he were walking the deck of a boat on high seas.

Grabbing Ellis by his arm, Jerry seems to have the grip of a tight blood pressure cuff. A weakened Ellis freezes, as Jerry says to him, “And would you please stop calling my server her Elana? Only the regulars and I get to call her that. To you and all of those like you, her name is Elane.” It was at this time that the image of the gunman in the booth fades away from Ellis as though he were only smoke. Confused by nausea and his mind running amok with seeming delusions of what may not have even happened tonight, is unclear or unaware of what happened with the gunman. He didn’t see if the man ran out or if it was just another illusion, but he was not in the diner anymore.

Ripping away from Jerry, Ellis falls slipping on the blood soaked floor and begins to madly crawl and claw his way to the door. All the while, saying, “If I could just get out of here it will be alright. If I could, just make it to my car. And as I reach the door, Jerry is guarding it. As he looks down on Ellis with those damned eyes, holding the door open and he says, “فقط کسانی که در مسیر نیاز دارند، فراهم شود.”(6) “Jerry in pain and anguish calls out, and screams to him, ‘Fuck You and your paths.” Ellis with his remaining strength; tumbles out the door down the steps and onto the dusty New Mexican ground.  He notices that dawn is upon them and that Jerry is still holding the door open. “Elana honey,”Jerry calls to his faithful server, “ Looks like our rides about to come.” The winds of the high desert pick up. Jerry; now appears to be staring at the very soul of Ellis. Looking at him without malice, but with the wisdom of thousands of years, repeats the Persian phase in English. “Only those that are in need of the path, will one be provided. Yelling louder because the winds were getting much stronger, Jerry stated, “Then, and only then will you or anyone of need will ever be allowed to step foot in my establishment.

So; until then Mister Ellis McCombs, take your investigation skills, and put them to work doing something that will help humanity, not take something away from it.” The winds are so strong at this point, Ellis considers which would’ve been more dangerous inside with those lunatics, or stripped down to the bone by the wailing madness of this freakish windstorm. The cooks final word howl and echo through the wind saying, “Because; here at, Jericho’s Place; you won’t find us when you want us. We’ll find you, when you NEED us.”  Making it to his car, Ellis; in all of his frantic disheveled moments is given one more shock.

Clearing his face of dust as he reaches the vehicles driver seat and he slams the door shut. Clearing his eyes, Ellis is astonished at what he’s seeing. It’s Jerry, sitting in the passenger’s seat. Ellis screams out in utter fear. Jerry smiles and says, “And when I and only I deem it fit. Will I ever allow those that pursue us; will I allow you to reap what you have sown. And my name isn’t Jerry, its JERICHO.” Ellis screams again. Then Jerry is no longer in the car. The winds are so powerful they shake the car about, and the diner is not visible; even though it is only 20 feet away from the car. Grabbing his video camera he attempts to film this atmospheric carnage, only to get an image of the open desert through the clearing dust and debris. The morning sun was shining brightly and he passes out.

Waking up, covered in the juices of his possible sins, realizing that he may feel asleep on the hook of his car. Ellis reflects on the events that transpired. “Was any of this real?” “Was there even a gunman?” Was I, in fact the gunman?” Ellis now sits up on the hood of his car, among the dry desert sand, the already blazing sun as it begins to fully rise and gets inside his car. He reaches for his camera to see if he picked up anything. “Fuck!” The imperiled investigator exclaimed. It was just enough disheartening footage to make him give up the hunt of his roadside quarry. He turned on the camera in time to see a wall of sand enveloping the diner. And just as suddenly as the storm rose up, it was over.

Getting back out of the car he walks around outside. Inspecting the ground to see if there was anything left of the diner. It had disappeared without a trace, leaving Ellis to question everything that happened just two hours earlier. Did Jerry/Jericho ‘magically heal Elane? And most importantly, did I truly find Jericho’s Place, or a gateway to hell. I don’t know. Guess I’ll let the future of humanity to try and verify what happened to me on the night of the16th of July on a stretch empty road just 15miles south of Belen, New Mexico. All he knows is that he’s finished with this paranormal shit.

Recording a final video; he says, “Remember future investigators. Please do not go ‘looking’ for anything. Because; whatever’s out there, it will find you when you’re ready to accept that the truth is out there. Just don’t look too hard. You may not like what you see.

The End???

Glossary Of Persian Terms

1: Lover

2: As the gods give us life, so now shall I give of myself to you. Take what I give you, so that one day I shall find the peace of a heavenly rest.

3: God

4: Many Gods

5: Are you one of the gods?

6: Only those that are in need of the path, will one be provided


2 responses to “Jericho’s Place

  1. I know that this is my first ever written word for the public. Your reading it makes me feel as though I can continue doing this for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your support. and I look forward to making more characters and taking you all on many journey’s.

  2. What I have been calling a comfort zone for the past 8 years has been nothing but a security shield to keep everyone and practically everything from getting to close. some have gotten through but many have not been privy to what I have posted here and that’s cool. Because up until this very moment, I have been reluctant to share with anyone my writings. Sure many have seen my seemingly blusterous rants on Facebook here and there over the years. And some have even had great conversations with me; but it has been the necessity to get these words out that I have found the courage to blog these writings. I don’t know how they will come out of even if I will continue on with this being a starting point. But at least I’m giving this a try to at least gauge my responses to what is written.
    I just really want to make something of this, as writing next to actually speaking for me, comes (at least in my head – haha) very instinctively, and I believe that I tend to get the subjects and points of interest out there. I also know that I can be long winded and at times something only needs to be described simply. It’s just a kind of storytelling that I find to be simple. I am a very slow reader and yet I can absorb info faster when it is verbally explained. As this is my first venture into this field, I write the way I hear it and picture it in my mind. As if I’m telling a story to myself and if it seems to fall together I rough it out and make adjustments and then apply it to flesh it out and see what works and what doesn’t gets recycled into something else.
    But all in all, I hope that those coming here will be accepting of my talent. Though I am not a literary god, at least took the time out of my otherwise, non productive life to bring you all a place that can only be found between the veil of reality as you know its and its parallel mindscape within the Altered States of life.

    Enjoy the ride 😉

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